Role of a healthy menstrual cycle

Role of a healthy menstrual cycle

You may find it easy to look at your period as a sign for pregnancy. However, menstruation tells much more than that. Most of the women get annoyed when they see their menstrual cycle approaching, because of the pain, which they have to go through. However, have you ever given a thought about how the menstrual cycle is also helpful in boosting your health?

We can say that your menstrual cycle plays the key role in many aspects of life such as overall health, exercise, and the sex life.

Have a look at these reasons, which will surely make you feel happy and glad that you are experiencing menstruation every month.

  • These monthly cycles give you a check about your hormonal balance. It assures you of having a healthy functioning, which means you are leading a healthy life. So, if you have a normal cycle then it says you are completely fit.
  • This makes you alert about your future diseases. The color, odor of the blood and the duration of the release can give you a hint about your health conditions.
  • Having regular menstruation helps in maintaining a healthy weight
  • Regular and proper menstruation assures you that your body’s metabolism is functioning fine.
  • It is seen that menstruation leads to the iron loss. Doctors say that iron, which is lost through the blood, helps in reducing the risk of heart disease and helps in increasing the lifespan of the women. So, this is the reason why women live for a longer period compared to men.
  • Healthy menstruation makes you strong enough to endure the pain, which you feel during the cramps. It gives you the strength to tolerate the pain, which you might face in your later life.
  • The most important thing it does is that your menstrual cycle prepares your body for the pregnancy process. If you are regular with your periods then only, you are able to adapt to the process of conceiving. Thus you capable of carrying a fetus for 9 months.
  • Ensures you have good bone density.
  • Helps you in identifying the best days for the intimacy.
  • It works as the natural detox and assists in cleansing the toxins from your body without taking help of artificial detox drinks. The menstrual cycle is considered a natural cleanser.

All these factors prove the importance of having regular menstrual cycles; it helps you in improving your health. So, be happy that you are having a healthy menstrual cycle as it has many health benefits, which we don’t realise. If you are facing any irregularity with your menstrual cycle or any other problems, never ignore them. Do visit the best gynaecologist in Bangalore who will help you to tackle the problem with proper medication.

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