Things You Can Do on Your Andaman Holidays

Things You Can Do on Your Andaman Holidays

Andaman is an archipelago of 527 islands located 1287 km from Calcutta in the Bay of Bengal. Currently, about ten islands are open to tourists. White sand beaches, dense forests, crystal clear lagoons, and vibrant marine life makes them an ideal romantic getaway. A mixture of sun, sand and sea, the islands are a beautiful holiday destination. Andaman tour packages are a great way to relish the beauty of the archipelago.

The islands offer some unique activities for tourists. Following is the list of things you can do while on your Andaman Holidays:

Port Blair is the capital of the island territory that houses the airport and many shops. The capital also has Cellular Jail Anthropological Museum that depicts the life of tribal people of the islands. You can visit the cellular jail and watch the illuminating light and sound show in the evening.

You can go on an excursion to Elephant Beach where you can swim with elephants or take a sea walk in the shallow blue waters of the beach. The Elephant Beach is also a very scenic place to relax.

The beach, natural vista, tropical forest, and thriving marine life of Andaman is nowhere else to be found. Staying at the beautiful resorts and experiencing the exciting water sports must be an integral part of your Andaman tour package. Havelock Island is the perfect place to be with your better half in the union territory. The weather and the beautiful landscape of the island territory make it an ideal tourist destination.

You can watch live corals reefs, or view the light and sound presentation at the Ross Island.

You can also take a three beach trip to Bharatpur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach and Neil Islands in your Andaman tour package.

To make the Andaman holiday memorable, you can go to a hill called Mount Harriet. The hill houses a small resort where many of the Indian cuisines can be enjoyed in a romantic setting. While at Mount Harriet, you must also visit Mount Harriet National Park. There is a point on the park from where trekking can be started to reach the hill’s highest point.

Andaman features plenty of beaches. Radhanagar Beach in Andaman is regarded as the best beach in Asia. The beach offers water sports, adventure sports, and sightseeing destinations. You can opt for water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, and jet skiing at the beach.

You can go on a romantic drive along the Munda Pahar Beach or opt for a dinner date at Sinclairs.

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