Shortage of Funds Can’t Stop You from Rocking Goa with Your Friends!

Shortage of Funds Can’t Stop You from Rocking Goa with Your Friends!

Planning to go to Goa with your friends during the holidays? Can’t wait to enjoy the beach stays in Goa with your besties? But, is the shortage of funds stopping you from saying yes to your friends? If that is the case, then we have got a superb solution to your problem. What if we tell you that now you can book flight tickets on EMI? Yes, there is this fantastic option that allow you to book your holidays or tickets now and pay later. The option is offered by one of India’s top online credit solutions, LazyPay.

Want to Know More About Holidays On EMI?

LazyPay is one of the best platforms that allow the users to book holidays on EMI? Whether you want to book flight tickets on EMI or bus tickets on EMI, LazyPay makes it possible. All you have to do is register yourself on LazyPay. Also, find out your personal credit limit by LazyPay. To know that, you will have to enter your mobile number. You can use your credit limit to book flight tickets on EMI.

LazyPay has partnered with several online and offline merchants. Many online merchants offer the benefit to buy now pay later using LazyPay as the payment option. All you have to do is select LazyPay to make the payments (only after you are registered on LazyPay, and the amount falls under the credit limit). With this, you can easily book your holidays on EMI.

All Set to Rock Goa with Your Friends?

Now that you know that the shortage of funds can’t stop you from going to Goa with your friends, it’s time to register on LazyPay and find out your credit limit quickly. Once you know what your credit limit is, then you can go ahead and book your flight tickets on EMI.

Goa is indeed one of the hippest places to enjoy with friends in India. So, if your gang has been able to finalise a trip, then you should never miss a chance to avoid it. Just book your holidays on EMI and enjoy an exciting and memorable trip to Goa with your friends! All thanks to LazyPay!

Why Choose LazyPay?

LazyPay has made it entirely easy to book holidays on EMI or to buy things like TVs, Washing Machines etc. on EMI as well. Not just that, in fact, you can even pay for movie tickets and food delivery using LazyPay as the payment option. What the buy now pays later facility seems to be perfect for the millennials.

As one of the top advantages of using LazyPay is that it saves a lot of time as there is no time-consuming documentation or approvals that a person has to go through.

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