Chatting over Chaat in Delhi

Chatting over Chaat in Delhi

When you’ve had your fill of the high life in Bengaluru, it is time to head off to the national capital. Been there before? But have you tried the most recommended street foods of Delhi? Even if you are stopping over in the city for an hour, you can try at least one type of chaat that the city is known for. But if you want to have your fill of all the different varieties of food Delhi has to offer, you need to book one of those Bengaluru to Delhi flights and spend a few days there. Here are the most recommended items to try.

  1. Golgappa

It is so hot nowadays, isn’t it? Golgappas are the best thing to cool yourself down. Known as Panipuri in Mumbai and Puchka in Kolkata, Delhi’s golgappas are a whole new experience. Made with iced jal jira in the summer, the combination of spice, sweet and sour is the perfect way to rehydrate yourself and satiate your hunger. Try the ones at Bengali Market for the best experience.

  1. Chhole Bhature

If you haven’t tried the Chhole Bhature of Delhi, you ain’t tried nothing yet! This most flavourful way to prepare white gram, accompanies by a salad of onions and pickle, it certainly is difficult to stop eating this delicacy. The best places to try this dish is at Kwality’s near Connaught Place or at the many restaurants on Pandara Road.

  1. Bhel Puri

While this is a specialty of Mumbai, Delhi has made it its own, with many street vendors offering you Mumbai ka Special Bhel Puri. But, don’t expect to taste Mumbai’s dish here. Delhi has made its own variation, which is sweet, savoury and full of different textures that will keep you salivating and wanting more! You can find this tangy snack almost in every market of Delhi.

  1. Kulfi

Now, after all that spicy deliciousness, you will need to cool down your taste buds. This is where the wonderful matka kulfis of Delhi can help. For the best kulfis in Delhi, head to Karol Bag, where Gaffar Market has the oldest and most renowned kulfi shop of the city. Full of crushed dry fruits and the thick texture of caramelised milk, one simply isn’t enough.

Are you already salivating at the description of all these Delhi-cacies? Check out the best Domestic flights and satisfy your taste buds.

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