5 Mantras to Click Amazing Vacation Photos that Help You Relive Your Special Memories

5 Mantras to Click Amazing Vacation Photos that Help You Relive Your Special Memories

You’ve spent days planning each tiny detail of your vacation and spent hours aboard domestic flights (or even international) to land at your dream destination finally. You want to capture the place you’ve been dreaming about (or even bragging about) in all its glory. You click endlessly on your latest smartphone or that expensive DSLR, you saved so hard to purchase.

And for the moment of truth – when you look at the images you’ve clicked, you realize they don’t look all that special. You’re stuck with images that look cheesy, poorly-lit or just plain bad.

No worries, vacation photos need not be a mess, if you know how to get them right. Here, in this post, you can find the best tips to turn your vacation photos into Instagram-worthy so that you get the likes and shares rolling in!

The Rules of Thumb for Epic Vacation Memories

Carry Extra Batteries and Media Cards

This one’s quite obvious, but even the savviest travellers miss out on this. You don’t want your camera to run out of juice or storage space, while you’re on a photo taking spree. So, make sure you carry power banks and SD cards, so that you can click to your heart’s content.

Invest in a Selfie Stick or Learn using the Self-Timer

In most family vacations, the person who handles the camera (usually the photography enthusiast of the family) gets left out of the majority of pictures. To avoid this, use a selfie stick if you use your phone to click images, or learn how to use the timer in your cam.

Don’t Forget to Click Candid Pics

You don’t want the entire album to be picture after picture of the entire group posing in front of monument after another. The best moments are the ones that are clicked when people don’t realise that a camera is being pointed at them. While looking back at your vacation, these candid pics are what will help you relive those memories.

Don’t just click images or videos. Mix it up for variety and fun.

Zoom In

The typical family vacation picture is usually of landscapes. Instead, zoom in to capture the details. For instance, if you come across a fun souvenir in a local market or see a local cultural ritual, zoom in to capture the moment as it is, and to focus on the subject.

Keep it Steady

Vacation images are rarely still. People move in and out of the frame. To avoid ending up with blurry pics, turn the VR (Vibration Reduction) mode on in your camera. If your camera, doesn’t have it, you can invest in a small tripod to stabilize it, while clicking images.

Above all, Have Fun! Remember that you aren’t capturing vacation photos to win international photography awards. Rather, you’re looking to capture special moments, so that you can reminisce them later. So, don’t worry about getting that perfect shot. Aim for shots that stick close to your heart.

Keep these travel photography mantras in mind, the next time you take international or domestic flights to your dream vacation spot.

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