The Future of Corporate Learning and Training Centres

The Future of Corporate Learning and Training Centres

According to LinkedIn research, getting employees to make more time for learning is the number one challenge against learning new skills. Another study suggests that most tech guys require ‘in the moment of need’ technical support. Such people understand the basics of their jobs, and they want an exact solution for the questions they face, right away.

How can the problems be addressed? 

Today, online training centres are getting more and more advanced, and corporate learning requires quick and easily found learnings at the time of need. This is possible with technology-driven software and programs that can help locate the needed content quickly.

Consider applications like sales training centres, safety training centres, leadership development and other types of technical training. We want to embed learning into their work platform so that the systems can train the employees to get better at their jobs. This is where all the digital learning training centres are headed.

If you look at how sales professionals learn, you’ll see that the company delivers carefully spaced sales training when a new product comes out on kiosks. A retailer offers operational tips to its employees, which are used when the employee has slack time. The employees can practice what they have learned and share it further for others to learn.

These applications are all built within past 20 years and add the principles of spaced learning, practice, competency-driven recommendations, and designed repetition right into an employee’s workplace making his job at learning new skills for work easy.

Several leading financial service institutions are using online books and job aids to provide their software engineers with instant support when they have problems in coding. The real-time learning tools understand your behaviour and give you real-time guidance. Thus, the information that is required to do a job, to learn new techniques for any complicated task, and address new problem are all on the employee’s fingertips.

Today, more and more vendors are going this way and the time is not far when you will be using one such service. The corporate learning market is growing in size with many applications and domains yet to explore. The new paradigm is not the solution for every application, but it is fast becoming more celebrated in the market. Learning in the flow of work not only gives time to learn during work but also offers immediate solutions to employee problems by providing with relevant skills and knowledge.

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