Learn About Leadership from The Leadership Styles of Best CEOs

Learn About Leadership from The Leadership Styles of Best CEOs

Leaders help themselves, and others do the right things. The job of a leader is more than to set direction, build the vision, and create something new. Leadership is about finding the way to ‘win’ as a team or an organisation.

Different leaders have different leadership styles. A leader must use his/her management skills to guide the team in the right direction. A successful leadership needs an innovative way of working that help leads an organisation and take it to the pinnacle. Here are a bunch of tips from well-recognised leaders and best CEOs, whose leadership styles have made a difference. Find them below:

Write down the ideas

There is this deep conversation going on at your workplace, and you come up with a couple of brilliant ideas, but you forget them soon afterwards. This happens many times. To use those brilliant ideas, the trick is to make the note. Like the CEO of Nike, Mark Parker, always carry a notebook with you.


Researches have proven that activity as simple as moving can bring in new ideas. Not just the physical movement, but to have curiosity, to wander or play some sport can boost your creativity. The founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson had this kind of a leadership style. Do not stop moving and you’ll move the hardest rocks.

Attract attention

Business leadership is hugely competitive in today’s world. Sometimes you have to implement shocking ideas, as the leadership style of the CEO of Ryanair goes. He said, ‘think about what would provide a good headline for your organisation and do it’. You will catch the much-needed attention of your team and industry.


Everyone needs a break to catch some breath and recharge one’s batteries. This is what is precisely proposed by the leadership style of Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post. She goes by an innovative and yet simple approach. Your business leadership reinforces whenever you take out time to rest, eat something healthy or meditate. Log off for a while and instantly improve your productivity. Your efficiency will thank you for the break and so will your organisation after the results.


Few tricks are as simple as reading. This one was proposed by no other than the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. As per him, to achieve business leadership—read. Save some time for studying and reflecting upon it. The trick here is to do it in groups for enhancing the collaboration.

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