5 Simple Tips on Leadership From Global Business Leaders

5 Simple Tips on Leadership From Global Business Leaders

A successful leadership demands an innovative approach to lead an organisation and take it to the top. Below are some tips from global business leaders who have made a difference in their respective industry through their leadership. You may have seen leadership videos of the below-mentioned leaders. Get inspired by these 5 simple tips from global business leaders:


An activity as simple as moving can tremendously favour the process of idea generation, something that every leader needs. Moving is not just the physical movement, but it also includes traveling, having curiosity, or partaking in some sport. Researches have proved that a good walk can help find inspiration, the idea heavily used by the founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branston.

Write down your ideas

It happens with many, and there is a fair chance it might have happened with you too. There is a meeting or a seminar, or you are having a casual conversation with your colleague at work and a couple of brilliant ideas pass through your mind. For the moment, you feel elevated and wise, but soon you forget about those excellent ideas and are not able to recall them. If only you had the habit of making notes, those industry-changing ideas could have become a reality of the future.

Additionally, your time and effort in remembering those ideas would be saved by keeping a diary. The CEO of Nike, Mark Parker, does not forget to keep a notebook with him to list down ideas passing his mind during the day.


A trick as simple as reading a book is highly suggested by many top leaders like the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. Reading is quite essential to achieve business leadership in any company. You need to save time for studying and reflecting sincerely. You can even do it in a group to promote collaboration.

Attract attention

Business leadership is competitive. You have to make people in the industry notice you by implementing shocking ideas, something the CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary does. He disguised himself as the Pope to present a new route to Rome for his airline. Think different, something that could provide a good headline for your company to get into limelight among prospective business partners in the industry.


One needs to take a break and recharge one’s batteries every once in a while, precisely proposed by Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post. Her outlook is innovative yet straightforward as your business leadership reinforces when you save some time to rest or meditate.

Applying these simple tips in your day to day life could play a significant role in enhancing your leadership. You can try watching good leadership videos, an excellent way to spend your leisure time to develop your leadership qualities.

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