How to select the right AC for your home?

How to select the right AC for your home?

Today we find that the need for AC is in high demand due to the rising heat. Air conditioners have become a necessity. So, when you are buying one for your home then you need to do thorough research before taking actual action. So, have a look at the below pointers which you need to add into your checklist at the time of purchasing-

  • Window Ac or Split AC –

For the home purpose, there are basically two types i.e. window AC and spilt AC. Window Ac is comparatively cheaper and also the installation process is hassle-free. Whereas split AC is less noisy and pleasing one. So, this completely depends on personal preferences.

  • Energy efficiency –

AC consumes a lot of electrical energy i.e. 40% of the bill is of the AC. So, look for the energy efficient model. These days, almost all Air conditioners come with energy efficiency rating known as EER. So, buy the model which consists of highest star ratings. They are known to be more efficient and ultimately helps you save a lot on your bills.

  • Air Quality –

To improve the internal air quality, an AC with a good filter is an essential thing. AC with a good filter helps in providing a good cooling and also prevents the evaporation of coil choking which is caused by the dust.

  • Important features –

When you buy an AC, you need to make sure that it has the basic features like sleep timer, adjustable vent, remote control, auto restart facility, sleep mode, low noise levels, a dehumidification function, etc.

  • Warranty and service period –

This is one of the important points which you need to take into consideration. You should select an AC which comes with a long-term warranty which ensures that a replacement is guaranteed for a particular period.

  • Cooling speed –

There should be at least two fan speeds, two cooling speeds, and an adjustable thermostat. With this type of AC, you can make use of it depending on the different timings.

  • Pricing –

This is the most important factor which you need to see on. Buy according to your requirements and budget. See if the quality and price of the AC is reasonable. Before buying make a price comparison between multiple brands and select the one which you seem to be comfortable from all views. Voltas AC is pretty pocket-friendly. Make sure you that you consider this brand also.

  • Size of AC –

Buy an Air conditioner which suits your room dimensions. If your bedroom is larger, don’t go for smaller AC as it will end up in leading irritation because of not getting the proper cooling effect. So, make sure you choose according to your bedroom size.

So, before finalizing on a particular AC, check all these points and then go ahead with your shopping. It is always a good thing to shop for the things by doing a good research over it. It helps in saving both time and money also.

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