Know All About Local SEO in Digital Marketing

Know All About Local SEO in Digital Marketing

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization is an effective means to market your local business online. With the help of Local SEO, companies can promote their products and services to local buyers at the exact time they are looking for those products and services over the internet. This is possible using a variety of methods, out of which some differ significantly from standard SEO.

Any small or multi-location company can grow its business and attract prospective customers using Local SEO techniques. Let us see in detail what local search optimisation is, and how it can improve your online visibility.

What is a Local Search?

Let us first know the differences between a standard informational search and a local search. As per Google, 46% of the searches made today have a ‘local intent’. While anyone with a good enough SEO and authority can rank pages for a query like ‘how to fix a short circuit’, in cases when the query has a purchase intent behind it, the query turns into something like ‘electricians near me’ or ‘best electrician in ___’. For this kind of queries, which include a location or ‘near me’, search engines understand that the searcher wants business suggestions based on location, and they offer the same in the local search engine results pages.

What are Local SERPs?

To improve traffic, what local businesses need most is visibility on what’s known as the ‘local pack’ or ‘3-pack’ to their websites. This is nothing but the block of three business listings appearing below the map in the results shown post a search made on Google with local intent.

You will notice results different from standard organic results like timings, reviews, and photos. Everything displayed in these local pack comes from the Google My Business profile, which is becoming a critical part of Local SEO as Google is trying to satisfy more search queries in the SERPs.

What is Google My Business?

Previously known as Google Local, Google My Business (GMB) is your business profile on Google. It feeds information to a variety of aspects like the local pack and Google Maps search results. Your GMB profile can include information such as business description, category, services, contact details, and timings. Also, note that features such as Google Reviews, GMB attributes, and GMB Q&As are mostly entirely generated by consumers.

To rank well in local search, familiarise yourself with the three elements of regional search ranking listed below:

  • Relevance: How relevant are your products and services to the query?
  • Prominence: What other consumers say about your products and services?
  • Proximity: How close is your company to the searcher?

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