Why Destination Weddings are so Popular?

Why Destination Weddings are so Popular?

A destination wedding is a wedding ceremony/reception held in a place away from your hometown. A destination wedding is celebrated around an exotic location, in a warm, luxurious atmosphere with close family and friends. Every wedding detail such as the different ceremonies leading down to the main day to the minutest details such as flowers, cake, and more can be arranged at the resort chosen in that destination.

In the recent years, there has been a rise in destination weddings as many couples are choosing to bring in their special day at exotic locations within India as well as internationally. Moreover, a destination wedding is like an extended honeymoon period with the couple choosing to stay back while exploring the rest of the destination away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

A four-day wedding weekend can cost less than a meal and reception for 150-200 people at a luxury hotel. At a resort, for example, the cost to invite 20 couples to spend four days at a destination wedding will be comparatively affordable. This includes a rehearsal and a formal sit-down wedding in an AC room or on an outdoor terrace.

The etiquette of a destination wedding generally calls for guests to pay for their own airfare and hotel room. The couple pick contribute for the ceremony, food and beverages, and additional festivities. It’s smart for a couple planning a destination wedding to arrange a discounted rate for booking multiple rooms and check with various airlines to decide if group airfare rates are available. Couples planning a destination wedding without the help of a specialist can work with a wedding planner.

A destination wedding isn’t for everyone. Brides and grooms who have known forever that they will want to celebrate their wedding in their hometown will not want to travel out of town.

Couples who don’t enjoy travel shouldn’t have a destination wedding, either, nor should couples who look have a huge guest list and know that many people who matter to them would not be able to attend a wedding faraway because of finances or for other reasons. But if a destination wedding sounds like your dream, then go for it.

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