Top 10 Arrangements Every Wedding Venue Should Have

Top 10 Arrangements Every Wedding Venue Should Have

Below are some aspects you should consider before choosing a wedding venue:

Adequate Space

Space is a critical aspect when you are selecting your wedding venue. Consider the friends and family count that you will be inviting, perhaps the 12 piece band you have booked for your wedding who will need much more space with their musical pieces, the decoration theme and the space it would take etc. before finalising your wedding venue. You must find out if the site has an adequate space to support your choices and count. Be sure to check the venue seating.

Full Service

The last thing you want as your big day closes up is more work. A full-service venue offers chairs, catering services, tables etc. all in one place, which provides the much-required peace of mind to the bride and groom and their families.

Competitive Fees

An excellent wedding venue should not charge just for space. Look for sites that offer additional services within the overall price. If not, then you may have to go over the budget and consider the rent of small items like all the linens, seating chairs etc.

An Area to Ready Bride

Readying a bride is one of the important aspects of a wedding. Make sure your wedding venue has a dedicated space that can give the bride a relaxing atmosphere to get ready and look her best. The wedding venue must have a closed off area for the bride to get ready.

Full Access for Guests

While choosing for a beautiful venue, make sure that your guests have full access to the place. The guests might become enamoured for a particular space at the site, which is the one not allowed to access; that must not happen.

Parking Charges

Parking charge is an often overlooked charge. Lots of venues gouge guests when it comes to parking rates. Know from before if guests will be charged for parking so that you can make room in the budget to take the expense by yourself.

A Capable Point Person

Top venues tend to have senior staff. The point person at the site is in charge to see to it that on the day of the wedding everything goes as planned and in a smooth fashion.

Backup Plans

In case of bad weather and unforeseen calamities, it is essential to have a plan B venue. Check with the venue’s staff to have a good idea of any troublesome circumstances during your wedding dates and ask for other nearby venues.

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