Own a Bungalow in Lonavala

Own a Bungalow in Lonavala

What would be the answer when asked about the nearest destination for vacation nearby Mumbai and Pune? Apparently, the answer will be Lonavala. Yes, indeed, Lonavala has grown as one of the famous tourist attractions nearby these two metro cities in the state.

Situated on the ridges of Sahyadri Mountains, Lonavala is a small town which is being developed since last few years. To the north, you can see a deep valley and the entire province at sea-level; the overall altitude of the place is approximately 625 metres or 2051 feet from sea level. Various hillocks surround the city and numerous cliffs from where you can witness the incredible beauty of nature. There are two dams near the town out of which Bhushi dam is an all-time favourite destination for travellers, especially in the monsoon season. The monsoon brings not only cold winds but also a charm that lets you enjoy with your loved ones. If you are a trekker, you can visit the forts situated around such as Lohagad, Visapur, Rajmachi etc. Pavna Lake, another popular destination, is surrounded by four different forts and is the best place for camping.

Lonavala is a trending destination not only for tourists but also for the home buyers. Typically, the home buyers can be bifurcated as permanent residents and the people who come to the city for vacation. Bearing in mind the needs of the potential home buyers, the developers have started introducing different properties such as bungalows and villas in Lonavala.

Villa is nothing but a small holiday home, which allows you to enjoy your weekends or special events with your loved ones. It fulfils all your lifestyle needs, what you require on holidays. Compact but spacious home with a couple of rooms, kitchen, swimming pool, and other amenities for enjoyment makes it perfect. Similarly, the bungalows in Lonavala are also in demand. A full-fledged property that belongs only to you, where you can chill out as well as look forward to living all the time. Bungalows do not have noticeable difference than villas, but they may due to the size and structure.

The demand for villas and bungalows in Lonavala has led developers to introduce newer projects. Most of the developers are focusing on the ridge of the mountains from where the beautiful scenery can be witnessed from the property itself. You also need to list down your needs and analyse the budgeting part by which you can shortlist one from a wide list of villas in Lonavala.

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