Your foreign tour checklist: Jotting down the essentials

Your foreign tour checklist: Jotting down the essentials

We present a ready checklist for your foreign holiday, so you don’t miss out any of the important items you need on your trip.

Going on a foreign holiday and confused about how to pack? We’ve got the essential checklist for you to follow:

Clothes. You can pack according to the purpose of visit (holiday or business trip), duration of the trip, weather conditions in the country of your visit, etc. Carry two to three pairs of pants, light tees, a couple of formal shirts, a couple of suits (if it’s a business trip), underwear, socks, belts, etc.

Care items. Your clothes will be crumpled on arrival, so you will need a steamer to press your clothes. You can also carry lint remover, shoe polish materials, linen bags, etc.

Shoes. Pack your shoes carefully inside a waterproof bag, and place them at the bottom of the suitcase. You can roll up a couple of sock pairs inside the shoes to save space inside the bag.

Phone and camera equipment. It is not a good idea to carry your camera and phone chargers in your hand baggage, so stow they away in your suitcase. Also pack your camera, extra batteries, selfie stick, camera tripod, lenses, etc. in a separate compartment.

Personal baggage items. Your personal handbag is allowed with you on the flight. Pack lifesaving medication, mobile phone, money, personal contact details, personal IDs (PAN card, passport, Aadhaar card, election ID, etc.), wallet containing cash and credit cards, business cards, information about the hotel and tour operator, visa, etc. Also pack in an extra T-shirt and underwear in case you lose your bag.

Spare cash and travellers’ cheques. This is important: divide your cash and put half of it in your suitcase’s hidden compartment. Do the same with your travellers’ cheques. The other half can go in your handbag or purse. This way, even if you are mugged or if you misplace your bags, you still have cash left to proceed further.

First aid kit. Pack all daily medication, sunscreen lotion, hormone medication, lip balm, medication for nausea, headache and fever, moisturising lotion, shampoo and conditioner, bandages, antiseptic lotion, etc. in a separate first aid kit. Seal all bottle caps with masking tape – the cabin pressure may force the contents out and make a big mess of your stuff!

Travel insurance. This is the most important thing to pack – buy a good travel insurance policy the moment you buy your flight tickets. You will be offered a basic travel plan by the airlines on booking the flight tickets, but it is better to take an international travel insurance policy from a reputed insurance provider. You never know when you might need to be airlifted back for treatment, when you may react violently to strange food or change in weather, or when an accident takes place. Your global travel insurance plan keeps you protected throughout your trip.

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