Reasons Why You Should Visit Bangalore Right Away

Reasons Why You Should Visit Bangalore Right Away

Wondering if you should go to namma Bangalore? We give you a few great reasons to do so!

Exhilarating, vast, warm and lovely…Bangalore is a superb city to stay in or even visit for a short while. You’ve missed out on quite a bit if you haven’t made even the briefest of stops in Bangalore yet. So if you’re mulling a Bangalore vacay, here’s why you should book your tickets right away:

* Its glorious weather. Bangalore is most famous for its climate. While the rest of Karnataka boils and freezes in turns when the summer is preceded by the monsoon and winter, Bangalore remains immune to most shifts in the weather[1]. It is not uncommon to have breezy, pleasant mornings even in summer, with slightly chilly evenings most times of the year. Taking a post-dinner stroll, curling up at home inside a blanket with coffee and a book, or waking up to soft sunshine…these are some of the simple pleasures you can experience in Bangalore.

* A surprise on every corner. The city is both culturally and historically rich. Don’t be surprised by an unexpected, large mural on a public wall, nor by the sight of a large flower garden on a traffic island[2]. Bangalore is rich with historical monuments, such as Tipu Sultan’s Palace, the ancient Chokanathaswamy Temple at Domlur, historical ruins at Savanadurga and Hejjala, the Devanahalli Fort, etc.

* The old restaurants and their charming fare. Bangalore is also quite the foodie paradise, with a lot of famous restaurants continuing to engage a devoted clientele down the ages. It is said that you haven’t eaten in Bangalore if you haven’t eaten the dosa at MTR, or the Canara preparations at Oota, South Indian breakfast at Mavalli Tiffin Rooms and Afghani preparations at Samarkand[3]. Then there are modern fine dining restaurants like Citrus and Jamavar at The Leela Palace Bengaluru[4], and Dakshin at ITC Hotel.

* The large open spaces. If your heart yearns to step away from your cramped hometown and breathe in fresh air, then head to the public parks and open spaces in Bangalore. It is, quite justifiably, the Garden City of the South, since a spate of public gardens and parks were built here in the 1920s to commemorate the 25th year of the ruler’s reign. More parks have since been added and annual flower shows and performances take place in many of them. You can take a long walk one evening if you want to breathe fresh air in a quiet setting.[5]

* The cosmopolitan culture. IT City Bangalore has a mix of professionals from all walks of life setting up temporary or permanent homes here. Besides, the city’s several educational institutions and universities attract students from far and wide. As a result, Bangalore has a cosmopolitan mix of communities from all over the land. The local residents, too, are warm and welcoming towards all.

If you’re stopping by in Bangalore for a holiday, we recommend checking out the 5-star hotels in Bangalore. You can find excellent hotels in Bangalore like The Leela Palace Bengaluru and the Taj Hotels. The Leela Palace Bengaluru is built inside an actual palace in Bangalore and promises every kind of royal luxury that you can think of.






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