Goa: Sand, Beaches and More!

Goa: Sand, Beaches and More!

Most exciting and welcoming thing about Goa is its uninterrupted string of golden-sand beaches. This glistening strand expanse along the Arabian Sea from North Goa to South Goa every single beach has established its own personality and reputation since the hippie days of the sixties. These Goan beaches cater to every tropical explorer from a backpacker at a shack to an executive living at a hotel in Goa. When in Goa, you can stroll through Arambol or Baga to be one with the elements of nature. Experience the palm-fringed sands of Palolem and the hippie market bliss at Anjuna. Goa has a lot to offer and the destination is way beyond just beaches and classy parties.

Goa is a hub of spiritual activities for both mental and physical wellbeing.  Yoga is considered to be the king of spiritual activities and it keeps growing to be more bountiful year by year. You can register for numerous sessions like Meditation, Sunrise t’ai chi sessions, reiki healing courses, etc. Almost every form of spiritual exploration is practised freely under the skies of Goa. Most renowned hotels in Goa hire professionals for executing these courses for their patrons.

Talking about Goa’s culture, we know that Goa stands out in India for its Portuguese colonial architecture and heritage. You will find this architectural inspiration at various hotels in Goa near the beach. The Portuguese arrived in Goa in 1510, lured by the exotic East and the promise of lucrative spice routes. The indelible mark of Portuguese architecture and essence is still prevalent in the state’s baroque architecture, whitewashed churches, crumbling forts, colourful Catholic ceremonies, mournful fado music and the stunning cathedrals of Old Goa.

Travellers seeking some wildlife adventure will find their purpose in Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary while art lovers will have a great time at the churches and Goan museums. Tourists around the world savour Goan delicacies and Hotels in Goa serve traditional dishes. If you are travelling to Goa you should try exotic Goan dishes like Black tagliatelle with salmon, Indo-Portuguese lunch and Tuna teriyaki. Hotels in Goa have got you covered even if you are a vegetarian. Veg delicacies like Pickled tea-leaf salad, Puri Bhai and Royale Pizza are a must try for all the foodies in Goa.

With highly developed infrastructure and facilities, Goa is one of the most developed states in India with the highest GDP in the country. It is a tourist paradise for national as well as international travellers. The place is known for its beaches and celebrations, however, the state of Goa has much more to offer to its visitors. Book your trip and experience the one of a kind experience at the pearl of the orient.

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