A Luxurious Getaway in Bangalore

A Luxurious Getaway in Bangalore

The spa at The Leela Palace Bangalore is your single destination for wellness and holistic wellbeing in Bangalore.

Bangalore is an exciting city full of possibilities for the young and restless. But your relentless work schedules and lack of balanced lifestyle can soon leave you reeling. You may notice that you get tired and sick more often, that you are often irritable and left jaded even after a long night of sleep. When this happens, it is time to take stock of your health and destress using the goodness of science for healing.

Fortunately, you have the right place to go to in your city – the best spa in Bangalore’s premier luxury hotel, The Leela Palace Hotel, Bengaluru.

* Ayurvedic treatments: This spa in Bangalore offers a slew of Ayurveda-based treatments that help heal all the stresses that accompany daily life. Daily stress can leave its marks on your body and mind, and Ayurveda has remedies to erase these signs and symptoms of overwork and stress. The spa has devised signature treatments, massages and detoxifiers for internal healing and wellness. There are experts on hand to analyse the potential for disease and tailor the treatment plan accordingly.

* Holistic treatments: This spa is known as the best spa in Bangalore because it offers the benefits of yoga to its customers by merging it with effective treatments. It goes beyond the usual asanas and stretches, and helps you incorporate yoga into your normal way of life to reach your peak personal potential. At the same time, experts at the spa guide you through mindful meditation, pranayama, stretching to open the muscles and nodes, acquire mental calmness through deep breathing and asanas, and learn new techniques for healthy living. You can participate in group sessions as well, and enjoy the lush greenery of the Yoga Centre located inside the hotel premises.

* Fitness: For those who feel that exercise and rigorously working up a sweat is akin to meditation, only a well-tailored exercise workout will hit the right spot. If you are a gym fanatic or a person who likes to burn calories by sweating for them, we recommend going to this spa in Bangalore and heading to the Fitness Studio, a super specialty gym facility fitted out with the best equipment and expert trainers. You can discuss your fitness goals and what you are looking for from the workout, and they will advise you on the right kind of workouts accordingly. You can also book the steam and relaxation rooms, or the whirlpool and sauna facilities.

* Wellness: A fit body exists only when the mind is fit, and both must co-exist together for healthy life. But the daily rush and stress of life can ensure that your mental acuity and peace are hampered and slowly destroyed. You must restore your mental equilibrium to rid your body of the ill effects of stress and overwork. For this, you can enrol for the Kerala Ayurveda Panchkarma therapy at this spa in Bangalore for treatments designed to restore your health and vitality. The treatment also tones up muscles and makes the skin and hair healthier. Meanwhile, your internal systems are strengthened and detoxified even as your fitness needs are met.

You will find yourself booking regular sessions as the best spa in Bangalore, when you see the profound effect they have on your body and mind over time!

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