7 Things Every 5 Star Hotel Offer Invariably Includes

7 Things Every 5 Star Hotel Offer Invariably Includes

Don’t be confused about what the package includes in your 5-star booking – we’ve got a list for you.

Everybody would like to stay in a 5-star hotel at least once in their lives. But not everybody books a stay there – which is a pity, because staying in a luxury hotel is an experience to savour all your life.

And yet, you are confused about what you can do once you get there. This article attempts to quell some of your doubts.

Who assigns the 5-star ratings?

As of now, there is no global agency or institution that assigns a set of standards for all hotels in the world to adhere to, so that they may qualify to be known as a ‘5-star hotel’. It is impossible to assign such standards, too, since every country has its own set of rules and etiquette, and these are quite subjective from one region to another[1]. However, we can apply a broad set of parameters – superior service, utmost cleanliness, excellent amenities and thoughtfully designed experiences[2].

The best hotel offers in India come from 5 star hotels. Understandably, these hotel packages are designed to provide the highest levels of comfort and service to visitors. When you book a stay with a 5-star hotel, the luxury hotel offers in India normally include[3]:

1 Airport transfers. Leading hotels offer two-way airport transfers so that you are saved the hassle of booking cabs on arrival or before departure to the airport. The hotel will have a coach or limousine waiting outside for you – just keep them posted about your flight details.

2 Use of the facilities. Your hotel package details out the amenities you can use. As per the terms of your booking, you can use the room or suite, have your meals at a particular restaurant in the hotel, the wet spa, fitness centre, swimming pool, etc. The 5-star hotel deal normally does not include a free spa session, unless you book a yoga or Soul Connect package[4].

3 Toiletries. You don’t need to carry any of your toiletries from home when you book yourself into a 5-star hotel. The hotel provides the best of all the toiletries you need, from toothpaste to shampoo, and even conditioners and moisturisers. Plus, you will be provided with bubble bath to enjoy a luxuriant soak in the tub.

4 Complimentary Wi-Fi. If you intend to work while you’re on vacation, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi Internet access in your hotel room or suite. Be sure to ask for it when you book your hotel package, because it might be an add-on amenity that you are offered subject to your booking.

5 Complimentary coffee/tea maker in the room. For those who need a shot of coffee or a hot cuppa tea first thing in the morning after waking up and cannot wait till room service brings up the beverage – relax. There will be a coffee or tea maker in your room which you can use as many times as you want.

6 Room upgrade under certain conditions. If you are not happy with your room or suite for any reason, the luxury hotel will upgrade you.

7 Dining at the hotel’s restaurants. When you have just a room booking with the 5-star hotel, you can eat at any of the hotel’s restaurants. But if you have a 5-star hotel deal that comprises your meals, then the hotel will specify which restaurant you can eat at. For example, when you take The Leela Moments meal package and wish to stay at, say, The Leela Kovalam, then your meals are taken care of by The Terrace restaurant.[5]

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