Milan Mattress And Its Features

Milan Mattress And Its Features

The Milan mattress is a luxurious mattress that features a micro pocketed coil system and comfortable foam. It is a 13.5 gauge open coil spring mattress that offers medium comfort feel. Milan mattress system has a high coil count, nearly thrice as compared to a standard mattress.

By using comfort foam in the mattress, it breathes well as it has many microscopic air capsules due to the foam. Air smoothly flows in and out of the bed and creates a cooler surface for sleep. Just like memory foam, comfort foam fills as per the contours of the body, providing complete support. Also, as an additional advantage, the foam is not temperature sensitive like the memory foam.

A smaller coil diameter as in the Milan mattress enables better spine alignment and hence offers superior support. Also, the use of coils with high tensile strength and stress relieved fine wire offers great resilience to the mattress. Some Milan mattress also features a side wire for imparting turnability and extra support to the bed. The mattress can be turned and rotated to extend the life of the mattress. You can find Milan mattress online.

Milan mattress is value for money, and it comes upholstered in a stitch fabric cover making it ideal for use for the guest bedroom or for a younger person.

There are many types of Milan mattresses like Milan hypoallergenic mattress that has responsive individual pocket springs giving it a structured top. The hypoallergenic variant ensures that the user gets optimum comfort and elegance. The bed is sometimes covered in a bamboo threaded covering.

Another type of Milan mattress is Tempur mattress. This type of mattress offers therapeutic support, relieves pressure where you need and provides comfort where you want. Such an arrangement creates a weightless feeling while you sleep.

The unique material of Tempur fits your body contours, supports your spine and joints in their correct position that improves blood flow and circulation. It also reduces tossing and turning in sleep.

Features of Milan Mattress

  • Milan mattress is antibacterial and has cooling properties thus it is good for your health

The hypoallergenic comfort fillings of a Milan mattress keeps away any allergic reaction

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