Wardrobe and Dressing Table Design Ideas

Wardrobe and Dressing Table Design Ideas

Wardrobes and dressing tables are two important pieces of furniture in a bedroom. Skim through some wardrobe and dressing table ideas below.

Walk in Wardrobes—Stylish and Space-efficient

Whether you have a wardrobe to die for or just like to keep your clothes neatly stored, a walk-in wardrobe or closet is a covetable addition to any home. Here is why walk-in wardrobes make for a space-efficient pick.

Large or small, a walk-in wardrobe is a room on its own. High-quality doors and drawers installed accessories, finishes, lighting and layout options create beautiful custom designed and organised space that is a joy to use daily.

A customised walk-in closet provides space-saving options, including multiple hanging areas, adjustable shelving, baskets, and more. Walk-in closets, in the past, have always been a symbol of luxury, but the days when a walk-in closet exclusively belonged in a mansion are over. With some of the most functional and beautiful walk-in closet ideas available it is simple to create an impeccable, organised dressing area.

Learn about some dressing table ideas to vividly beautify your bedroom.

Right Placement

Typically, the space beside the wardrobe is utilised for a dressing table idea. Place drawers as the storage unit and keep your dressing essentials at the top. In this manner, you will have a storage-cum-dressing table with the needed functionality features.

Utilise Corner Space

A corner in any room does not obstruct the walkway. Hence, it is a perfect place to employ a dressing table design idea and place a small dressing table and mirror. You can add elegance by using beautiful, attractive ornate mirrors like the brass or silver finished ones.

Create Space

In case your bedroom is such that it does not allow space for a dressing table design, get creative. You can put up a versatile divider, with storage on its sides, which is also your dressing unit. Place the mirror at the top of the dresser, and you have a unique dressing table design.

Floating Dressing Table

It is not necessary that your dressing table has to be a proper table with its particular space. You can also have a free dressing table design on any of your walls. Add quirky mirrors of various shapes and sizes to create an intriguing visually.

In-built Dressers

This idea is for those homeowners for whom it is tough to dedicate a space for a dresser. Here, you have to customise your wardrobe and include open shelves to house your cosmetics and dressing essentials.

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