Design Ideas to Form a Stunning Dressing Table

Design Ideas to Form a Stunning Dressing Table

A dressing table is more than just a mirror to get ready. It is a style statement with drawers, shelves and a seat to sit comfortably.

Also, a dressing table is a place for self-expression, personal tastes and styles. Hence, decorating one’s favourite luxuries the right way can play a starring role in the bedroom interior design. The best way to enhance the look a dressing table is by using the right accessories. Using a mixture of storage items and decorative pieces can transform the dressing table into a piece of furniture which is not only stylish but also practical. Below are a few interesting dressing table ideas that can amp up your bedroom:


Soothing colour, a flavour of antiquity and a modern idea in designing a dressing table can make it look enchanting.


An oversized mirror, white drawers and wooden stand by the side would no doubt make a dressing table look elegant. Lastly, a beautiful mirror is a significant decor element that can add something unique to the vanity, especially when mixed with modern decor elements.


A spacious dressing table can make you feel relaxed and pampered. One of the corners of your room can be converted into a comfortable dressing area with a wall to wall mirror, drawers, and a seating area.


A dressing table in a bedroom is as vital as a bed. An impeccable dressing table designed with some accessories solve the purpose of showing you how good you look but also acts as a utility product.

From jewellery boxes to drawers or small trinket boxes, such additional accessories make for a fantastic storage facility for precious gems and items. Add light-weight decorative motifs to the dressing table, which delivers instant and long-lasting drying results.

Apart from on-table accessories, one can utilise external furniture pieces such as a chair or a beautifully carved stool. Additionally, adding the right amount of lighting can also enhance the look of the dressing table to leaps. To style a dressing table, one has to consider the practicality and the look. Thus, dress a vanity in a way that it complements the room decor and is practical for use.

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