5 Steps to Bring Home The Most Durable Sofa Set

5 Steps to Bring Home The Most Durable Sofa Set

A sofa set is a significant investment in your home which is probably going to stick for long. You can find a pretty good sofa set online. To get the best out of your buck and bring home the most durable sofa set, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Check the Frame

A sturdy frame ensures that your sofas last long. Softwood like pine is cheap but may warp in a few years. Alternatively, hardwood like kiln-dried oak, beech, or ash is more durable. Do not use frames made of plastic, metal, or particleboard as they may easily crack. Legs can be a part of the structure or screw detachable.

  1. See the Springs

Most sofas have wire springs. Springs support the sofa set design, but they may also press or sag over time if the metal is not heavy enough. A spring type called eight-way hand-tied springs is comfortable but expensive. You can check the quality of springs by feeling them through the upholstery. The springs must be close and firm. You can also inspect the springs by sitting firmly on the edge of the sofa. If you hear squeaks and creaks, it suggests that the springs are incorrectly placed.

  1. Inspect the Joinery

A sofa set frame is deemed to have joints. If wooden dowels connect the frame with metal screws & brackets, or wooden corner blocks, the sofa frame is sturdy. Staples or nails can be used for the extra strength of the sofa set design.

  1. Discover Durable Fabric

Sofas used for daily use need a durable fabric to go along with a sturdy frame and resilient foam. Cotton and linen are clear winners here. They can be treated for resistant to stain but they are not as durable or easy to clean. Again, synthetic microfiber is a new sofa fabric entrant, which is stain resistant and can mimic most fabrics. Fibres with natural and synthetic blend tend to wither within a year. Wool and leather are sturdy and good looking but expensive. Silk is light but fragile. Also, fabrics with woven patterns tend to wear better than printed ones.

  1. Sit on It

You can select a sofa set with polyurethane foam which is easy to care cushion filling, or you can choose more durable filling with high-density foam that feels hard and soft at the same time. A high-resilient foam would be expensive but comfortable and durable. Again, the polyester fibre flattens quickly. A good option for sofa foam that is both comfortable and reasonable is high resilient foam and conventional foam in batting.

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