What’s cooking in your backyard? 5 ways to make the backyard space livelier

We present 5 ways to make your backyard the standout in the neighbourhood – and they’re so easy to implement, too!

When you finally bought a country home after years of looking for the right one, you had not bargained for designing the backyard as well. You figured that you could just make a garden leading away from the outdoor patio, install a swing and be done with it. But now it is up to you to come up with an innovative backyard design that makes the outdoor space as charming as the indoors.

It doesn’t take too much money and effort to transform your little backyard into a lively space that you can entertain friends and family on long summer afternoons. We give you 5 great outdoor décor ideas to get you started:

  1. Landscape it right. The first element of good backyard design is landscaping the space correctly. Hire a good landscape architect and have a small cobbled pathway leading from the patio to a little door in the outer wall. You can have a lawn and little floral plants along the perimeter of the backyard to add a much-needed green touch. The architect may also recommend a small water fountain, or a shaded grove with a single chair in it, among other small outdoor design touches.
  2. Install a vertical organic garden if you’re short of space. Your backyard may not be very large in size, especially if it is hemmed in on two sides by other houses. But since you’ve always dreamed of having an organic garden, you can install a vertical potted organic garden featuring kale, rosemary, avocado, coriander, and curry leaves. There are sturdy wooden or plastic planters with rings for fitting pots, available for sale.
  3. Hang colourful lamps and pots to add quirk. A major part of outdoor patio design is to create a point of visual interest. The simplest way to do this is to hang colourful glass lamps or planters to add quirk and interest. You can light the lamps when you’re sitting out on a dark evening sipping a hot cup of cocoa.
  4. Have patio furniture to lounge on. Since you have a backyard, you are obviously going to use it to entertain guests. The space must have good patio furniture like deck chairs, a large swing, and tables which guests can use during a gathering. Have large umbrellas at hand to use when you’re having a daytime party under the hot sun.
  5. Have a bar and dry snacks space for parties. If you’re entertaining, you will need drinks and snacks to keep the spirits high. Instead of fetching drinks from an indoor bar, have a minibar installed in a corner of the backyard, with a high table and bar stools as well. You can store dry snacks below the counter and the space becomes an interesting nook.

Which of these ideas do you like the most? You can innovate as much as you want with your own outdoor décor ideas to create a charming outdoor space.

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