What a Dream Home Looks Like

What a Dream Home Looks Like

Everybody wants their home to be the best place for them. A cosy, two-bedroom house that is near to your workplace and in the same neighbourhood as your friends and family is definitely a good place to live in. It is the place where you would host your friends and family and spent a chunk of the best moments of your life.

But to get space converted into a dream home requires some next level home space planning. The space would need a lot of work if you want it to stand out from other typical homes. Below are some out-of-the-box ideas that can be significant game-changers in your home space planning:

A New Layout

For a fantastic home space, you need to do something different like raising the roof. You can install a floating bedroom at the topmost area. You can maybe include a hanging shed. When you are short on space, the more such elevations in design, the better. You can construct a living area with stairs leading to the floating sleeping pod.

A Secret Light

Keep the dimensions of your windows big. Use large frosted-glass in windows, one facing the courtyard and the other facing the street. Again, install rectangles of light on the ceiling. Those may look like a reflection, but such is the deal with frosted glass panels. They allow sunlight from the floor above to filter through.

Make Use of Powder-coating

You can powder-coat furnitures in your kitchen. Any old kitchen furniture like chairs can be stripped and powder-coated with some bright colour like neon orange. Other furniture pieces like a school table can be powder-coated with bright white; when the top portion is marble.

All-in-one Custom Bench

There is no need of a coat closet in your home if the entryway bench in your home has an in-built clothing rack. You can design it in the shade of blue.

Bed in a Box

In your home space planning, go with a bed with a ceiling and a door. You can build an open recess big enough to fit the bed. That way you can save on space and double the height of the room.

No Bed Frames

As mentioned earlier, when your sleeping pod is at the top of your home, the bedroom may have sloped walls and the ceiling could be quite low. In such a situation, it is best to go with putting beds directly on the floor to keep things from being claustrophobic. Again, it is the cosiest way to sleep.

With these ideas and some thoughtfulness, your home space planning can give you a home you’ll never want to leave.

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