Types of Waterproofing Materials

Types of Waterproofing Materials

Moving into a new house can be a great thing. The excitement of starting fresh, living in a new location, decorating the interiors and exteriors, placing new furniture, etc. everything seems to be just perfect. But little do we know that with a new house comes new responsibilities and problems. Yes, we all do face the issue of leakage and cracks in the masonry walls of our houses. We try and do everything we can to ensure that the house is safe and doesn’t get damaged by any insect infestation, leakage, cracks, holes, and in worst cases building failures.

One of the most common problems we do face is leakage. This can occur because of water seepage from the ceiling or water getting clogged on the terrace that results in leakage. Such problems require waterproofing, which is a method that prevents water from penetrating your home. It is essential to waterproof your home as it protects things inside your house and keeps it away from damage.

Waterproofing done with the right waterproofing materials and in the technique will ensure long-lasting results and prevent damage, keeping your home brand new. You will find a broad range of waterproofing solutions available, and plenty of materials sold for different parts of the house such as the roof, basement, terrace, floors, etc. Based on the level of water damage, waterproofing systems can be installed indoors and outdoors. So, if you’re facing a leakage problem on your terrace or roof, you should get acquainted with the available range of waterproof materials.

One of the most used and preferred materials for waterproofing are Dr.Fixit’s products such as NewCoat and Torchshield. These two products from Dr.Fixit has been formulated keeping in mind the weather conditions. Ideal for roof waterproofing, the Dr.Fixit NewCoat is a high-performance, weightless waterproofing system that can be applied to the existing mixture. It is suitable for flat roofs and even surfaces that are exposed to weight. Additionally, Dr.Fixit Torchshield also has a long-lasting life expectancy and is ideal for large terrace slabs.

Moreover, there are other types of waterproofing materials that help prevent damage caused through seepage of water. You can try cement waterproofing that is a type of concrete proofing system, which is applied to cement walls or floors. Bentonite waterproofing system is also an excellent solution for waterproofing concrete. A specialist also uses polyurethane and Polyurea coating systems as a solution for water leakage.

With the change in times, you will find numerous methods and solutions that can be used to prevent water leakage. The times have changed to a degree where even customers are vastly educated about different methods and solutions to waterproofing. Be it doing it yourself or hiring a contractor for the same, the most important thing that matters is what is best for your house.

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