King size beds are amazing, but do you have the perfect bed sheets?

King size beds are amazing, but do you have the perfect bed sheets?

A king size bed instantly adds charm to bedroom decor. However, when you talk about the decor of your house, a bedroom is incomplete without an appropriate bed sheet. Bedsheets nowadays are more than just a bare necessity. A beautiful bedsheet can surely amp up the look of your entire bedroom and accentuate the beauty of your king size bed. From ethnic prints to contemporary design and from solid colours to flawless white, the variety of bedsheets online to choose from is infinite. Opting for the right bedsheet can change the vibe of the room. But, before buying a bedsheet online, you need to consider these essential features to make the right choice.

Thread Count

Higher thread count makes the sheet feel softer to touch and it also leads the sheet to wear well over time. But higher thread count is always not synonymous to good quality. A good finish also matters a lot. Good-quality bed covers can range anywhere between 100 to 800 thread count. With a comfortable thread count, bedsheets at are homely comfort at its very best. Whenever you relax on it, you will be sure to get up feeling refreshed.


Climate plays a crucial role when it comes to choosing the right fabric for your double bedsheets. You can find bed sheets in a wide range of fabrics nowadays. But before you zero in on one type of fabric, ensure that it is suitable for your skin and the climatic conditions. In a country like India, cotton bed sheets are highly recommended as they are cool and comfortable. Find a wide range of bedsheets woven from 100% cotton at


From percale and flannel to sateen and jacquard, bed covers can be found in several weaves. It is important to check a sheet’s weave because it makes a huge impact on the durability and texture of your bed cover.


If you have prints or decorative designs on your furniture & walls, then opt for plain bed sheets. Similarly, if you have plain furniture & no decor on the walls go for printed bed sheets to add some jazz.

So  don’t let the “King” in King-size intimidate you because your perfect bedsheets are just a click away!

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