How To Use Murals, Mirrors Effectively In Living Room Décor

How To Use Murals, Mirrors Effectively In Living Room Décor

The living room décor of your house is very important and is the first space that is opened to the visitors to the house and your guests. Hence the designing and the styling of the living room must be given a close and careful thought. The way to style your living room design speaks a lot about your tastes and aesthetics.

Using murals and mirrors are popular concepts used for decorating private and personal spaces. This is a trend that has been in vogue for a long time and has gained a particular eminence in the current times. The market has a large array of murals and mirror decorative pieces that can be used for modern living room ideas of decorations. However, there are certain elements that must be borne in mind.

Color Contrast – A colorful living room is something that is preferred by one and all. This is a facet that adds warmth and life to the entire house. Mirrors and murals especially can do wonders in this perspective. You can get different types of mural work in the market that can offer you a huge number of choices. Keep the color of the wall in mind and the general color play of the room. If you are a serious artistic type then you can also attempt a direct mural work on the wall. However, this work of arty will be permanent and cannot be removed later with ease.

Size Of The Room – The size of the room, the way things, furniture, and decorative pieces are placed within the room must be borne in mind at the time of placing a mirror or a mural. Do not put too big a piece on the wall; otherwise, the room could look really cluttered and cumbersome. Again if the piece is too small and insignificant then the whole effect could get lost. Hence the size of the mural or the mirror must be in sync with the size of the room and the orientation of the things in the room.

Wall Space – Do not put too many murals and mirrors on the same wall. It is advisable that you place just a single item on the wall. This can help arrest the attention of the viewers. If you are placing a mirror try to keep it in an illuminated area where the effect will be the best! Mirrors work to make the room look bigger and better illuminated.

Theme Of The Room – Whatever you place on the wall, whether a mirror or a mural just stay in sync with the décor of the rest of the room. In case this sync is broken then the wall pieces can look really out of place.

It is simply not enough to place mirrors and murals on the wall. You must take good care of the items so that they and look their best for a longer duration of time. It is best to clean the items with a dry soft cloth on a daily basis. Even if you wish to use a solution keep it simply soap water for best effects.

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