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How to make your bedroom the best place for you in the world

How to make your bedroom the best place for you in the world

At home, we spend most of our time in our bedrooms. We all love our bed and nap time. So, instead of just a bed and a closet; try something different to decorate your favourite place in the house. You can think about different bedroom decor ideas, themes and accessorize accordingly. We have some bedroom décor ideas you might like.

  • Comfy and cosy: Stick to the basics, go in for a big bed with tonnes of fluffy pillows and a warm blanket. Minimalistic printed sheets and a large side table for a lovely dim night lamp are the perfect pairs for your bed. You can have a walk-in wardrobe to make changing actually fun. You can also have some pictures put up on walls to remind you of good time. A television set opposite the bed with a mini fridge below it, is all you need for your lazy days.
  • Storage friendly: If your room is a little small, worry not. You can create secret storages below your bed by the wall. A big mirror on the wall can create the illusion of more space. Try to make your shelves and show cases vertical rather than horizontal to save space on the floor. Spread only a small sized bedroom rug to make the room look spacious. Large windows can help too. Go in for vertical striped wallpapers and plain sheets.
  • Bold: Try something different, experiment with colours and patterns. Go in for contrasting and bright coloured sheets and pillows. Wooden flooring and some show pieces that you like. Try out new wallpapers to funk up your room. You can also get or even make dream catchers in peppy colours. Frilly curtains will give your room a fun twist.
  • Contemporary: With matt finished closets and with wooden flooring the contemporary look is all about class. A nice bed with plain, pastel coloured sheets and white or yellow rope lights will give you the ultimate contemporary look. Remote controlled fans, television and lights will make your room hi-tech and comfortable.
  • Artsy: If you love art, make it your theme to decorate the bedroom. Hang some fine artworks on your plain, light coloured wall to make those beautiful paintings stand out. Have a shelf specifically for that sculpture you love. You can have lovely printed sheets on your bed. Have focus lights pointing towards the paintings and sculptures.
  • Antique: Brown wooden furniture with golden handles are a classic. Have a simple bed with pure linen sheets and linen curtains. You can also have a sort of a canopy on your bed. By your study table, have a record player and a few records. Make a show case with brass finished articles. You can also have the old telephones to finish your antique décor.

Be sure you love what you see in your bedroom because it’s your favourite place. Different bedroom rug ideas, curtain ideas and wall color ideas can add magic to the look of the room making it look artistic and attractive. Come up with things you are passionate about and make sure you incorporate something related to it in your bedroom. Do try these decorating ideas.

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