Different Types of Waterproofing Products

Different Types of Waterproofing Products

Waterproofing products are used to protect buildings, structural components, and installations from the harmful effects of water and corrosive fluids. Waterproofing products by purpose are subdivided into anticorrosion, antiseepage, and hermetic. By material, they are divided into asphalt, metallic, mineral, and plastic.

Asphalt waterproofing products are used in the petroleum bitumen form along with mineral powder, sand, and crushed stone obtained by heating, thinning them with volatile solvents or emulsifying them in water. Asphalts and bitumens are used for painting and plastering of structural surfaces, which is termed as asphalt waterproofing. They are also used for sealing deformation joints, for the manufacture of waterproofing products, and for impregnation of structural elements. Asphalt and bitumens can make waterproofing components like roofing products such as izol, fibreglass roofing material, gidroizol, brizol, and insulating mats.

Bituminous polymer waterproofing products have resistance to cracking and a high degree of elasticity, the reasons why they are becoming widespread. In some countries, waterproofing products based on bitumens emulsified in the water like cold asphalt mastics, bitumen-latex compositions, and elastitm are also used that permits the use of local products and simplifies and curtails the costs of waterproofing.

Mineral waterproofing products are made with a base of cement, clay, and other binding agents. They are used in antiseepage protection for cement and silicate paints, for plastered coatings, and for large-scale waterproof structural components like aluminous cement joints, water-repellent fills, and gidraton. The improvement in the use of mineral waterproofing products is linked with the use of surface-active and such special additives, which have high dispersion mixtures.

Plastic waterproofing products are used for epoxide, ethanol lacquers, polyester, polyvinyl, and other paints. They are also used for polymer mortars, concretes etc. plasters, for glued waterproofing of surfaces, and for sealing of deformation joints using hermetic products of natural rubber, fibreglass elements, and molding strips of processed rubber & polyvinyl chloride. The scope of production for these products is continually increasing. Products like thiokol hermetic products, polyethylene screens, epoxide paints, and polyester fibreglass products are undergoing good development.

Metallic waterproofing products like brass, lead, steel, copper, and stainless steel sheets are also used. They are majorly utilised for sealing of deformation joints in more critical cases like in dams, core walls, storage tanks, and surface waterproofing. Aluminium and copper foil are used to reinforce coatings and waterproof roofing products like metalloizol, sisalkraft, and folgoizol. Metallic waterproofing products are nowadays getting replaced by plastic and fibreglass.

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