How to have healthy ears – Dos and don’ts

How to have healthy ears - Dos and don'ts

Ears are one of the most neglected parts in our body. We don’t care for our ears as much as we should. Human ears are vital organs; they enable hearing or the sensation of sound and they maintain body balance. A specific fluid in the ear helps the body maintain equilibrium. So if not for your ears, you would not even be able to stand properly. Make sure you see an ENT specialist regularly to avoid any severe issues. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to ensure healthy ears.


  • Manage your stress levels: Increased stress levels trigger adrenaline secretion in the body which puts tremendous pressure on the nervous system. This pressure can adversely affect hearing.
  • Physical activity: Cardio exercises like jogging pump blood to all parts of the body including the ears. Blood flow helps to maintain the internal health of the ears. So stay active!
  • Regular check-ups: A regular ear check-up is recommended every 6 months because the loss of hearing develops gradually. So visit an ENT specialist periodically for healthy ears.
  • Wear earplugs around loud noises: Worldwide, 16% of hearing loss is caused due to exposure to loud, industrial noises. When you are around such high decibel noises, ensure you have earplugs on to protect your eardrum.
  • Plane-proof your ears: While takeoff or landing of flights, some people suffer acute pain sometimes, bleeding. This is because of unequal pressure in the plane. Chewing or sucking something during this will prevent such pain.
  • Keep ears dry

Having excess moisture in ears can allow the bacteria to grow which will ultimately affect your hearing ability. Make sure you keep your ears dry after bathing and swimming.


  • Don’t listen to music on high volume: Loud music can damage your eardrum and in some extreme cases can also perforate it. Listening to music under the safe decibel limit is advisable.
  • Don’t use cotton buds: Every year 70,000 people see an ENT specialist because of injuries caused by cotton buds. Using these to clean your ears can push the wax even deeper which causes serious issues later.
  • Don’t sleep with earphones on: Your ears need a break from hearing to relax the muscles in the ear. Sleeping with earphones on keeps these muscles working all the time. This may cause damage to the ears.
  • Pierce only earlobes: Piercings might look cool, but they can harm your ears. At the lobes, there is enough blood supply and any infection can be tackled. But on the cartilage, infections can get serious and must be avoided.
  • Don’t leave your ears wet: When you leave your ears wet, moisture gets trapped in the ear canal and leads to humid conditions which favour bacterial growth. Thus, you should make sure you dry your ears thoroughly.

Ears perform one of the most important functions of the body- maintaining equilibrium. having said that, we  must take care of them. Follow these tips to maintain healthy ears.

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