The List of Best Hair Loss Solutions

The List of Best Hair Loss Solutions

If you are switching through the many tabs open on your browser to find best hair loss solutions, stop switching because you are on the correct page. Maintaining your hair health by eating nutritious products and using the right products and medical treatments can work for you to have a head full of hair.

Here is the list of hair loss solutions suggested by experts, put together only for you:


The saying, ‘You are what you eat’ is true. Eating nutrient-deficient food weakens hair strands. While it is impossible to grow hair back by eating nutritious food, eating healthy fats and protein-rich foods daily can make the hair that you have look shinier and thicker. Skipping food with vitamin B can harm the formation of hair cells and adversely affect hair growth.

Laser light therapy

Laser light treatments grow new hair by stimulating blood flow to the required area. Note that lasers won’t produce any new hair, but they might help you keep the hair that you have last a little bit longer. One good advantage of using laser light therapy is that it has not many side effects. It might be the best option for men who have noticed increased shedding of hair and want to maintain more of their left out hair.

Hair replacement surgery

The best fix from all the six hair loss solutions mentioned here is a transplant. Today, doctors have many options. One of them is the strip method in which a doctor surgically removes a strip of hair from your head, dissects every hair graft, and plants individual grafts onto hair-thin areas of your scalp. Nowadays, you can also go for scar less hair transplant.


Also known as Propecia, Finasteride is clinically-approved medicine for hair loss treatment. The drug works by blocking the male hormone called androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production in the scalp, which shuts down the follicles responsible for male pattern baldness. Again, Propecia acts as a fertiliser for minoxidil, helping it regrow hair more effectively.


While there isn’t any miracle shampoo on the market that can bring your hair back, there are certain hair products that can help keep your scalp in good shape and improve the look of hairs you already have. Also, feeding hair with nutrients both inside and out make hair appear healthier. So, consider using products that contain natural herbs like rosemary and mint.


The brand name of this topical drug treatment is Rogaine, and it is clinically approved. Minoxidil helps slow down the hair loss process and helps you keep your hair longer. However, you lose your hair if you stop using the medication.

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