The Hair Growth Treatments That Really Work

The Hair Growth Treatments That Really Work

Hair growth treatment is a last resort in fighting hair loss problem. It is good that there are certain pills and potions that can fight baldness and restore thinning hair. There are herbal remedies, shampoos and supplements but at some point, if you really need your hair back, hair growth treatments are the eventual answer.

A majority of men lose hair because of the genetic male pattern baldness that is hard to treat through potions alone. On the other hand, women lose hair for a variety of different reasons. But the thing to note here is that there are only a few treatments that really do work.

We have filtered two hair growth treatments that have clinical evidence of giving positive results. Find the two hair growth treatments that do work, here:


Finasteride goes with the brand name Propecia and is FDA approved. It is a prescription-only medication to treat hair loss. The main reason for male pattern hair loss is a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that prevents hair follicles from getting required nutrients. Finasteride blocks the production of DHT, thus safeguarding the follicles.


The use of this medication regenerates and increases the blood flow near shrunken hair follicles, causing them to thicken. Minoxidil also elongates the growth phase of each follicle to support hair regrowth.

It is the only FDA approved over-the-counter medication that is used for hair loss. The brand name for Minoxidil is Rogaine. Note that it is also available as a liquid or foam.

Following are hair growth treatments that do not work:


A shampoo or a conditioner could never stop or slow hair loss, or thicken hair for that matter. At best, a hair thickening shampoo can make your hair temporarily thicker.

Hair Loss Supplements

Even the best of all the hair fall potions won’t ever treat or prevent a male or female pattern baldness caused by genes. Again, no hair fall potion can deal with hormonal issues associated with female hair loss. What hair loss supplements can do is help make your hair stronger and healthier.

Hence, hair loss supplements can support your hair growth as you put a hair loss regime in place using them along with actual medications like Finasteride, Minoxidil or a hair transplant.

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