Busting Common Myths on Hair Loss

Busting Common Myths on Hair Loss

While consulting a hair loss specialist is your last resort to fight hair loss, you must know about some myths on hair loss to take good care of your hair. Below are some common myths on hair loss any hair loss specialist would support.

Losing a hundred strands a day is normal

On an average, we have between 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh hair follicles on our scalp. The saying that we lose a hundred hairs per day is a total overestimate. Actually, we only lose twenty to fifty hair strands per day.

Changing shampoos adversely affects hair

The same shampoo on the same kind of hair is bound to give the same result. People change their shampoo plenty times with new shampoo products and variants continuously coming in. So, switching shampoos is fine.

Washing hair every day is bad

When you wash your hair and see the released strands on your bathroom floor, they are the already broken hair strands that shampoo simply removes. So, not cleaning hair for a couple of days does not extend the lifespan of your follicles.

Natural products are always better

It is a myth that natural products are best for the hair. It is a psychological ploy created by advertisers. Products labelled organic or herbal seems to be natural and therefore healthier, but just being organic or natural, doesn’t make them suitable for your hair. Again, even though the word ‘chemical’ has a negative nuance to it, remember that everything around us is essentially chemical, even water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. As a natural raw material gets converted into a commercial one, it gets wholly transformed, as nothing lasts long without preservatives, i.e., chemicals. Note that truly natural products made with expressed oils are pretty expensive. So, the next time you buy a reasonable natural product, remember this point.

Product overload is worrisome

Using different kinds of hair products on your hair would not damage your hair to such an extent that they fall off. Generally, makeup and hair products have similar ingredients. Just like the make-up can be washed off, you can also wash products applied to your hair. Your hair does not suffer from product overload. You can easily use products that build up your hair or conditioners to add texture to your hair and you do not need unique products to remove them.

Water is the culprit

It is true that the water in Arab Countries is mostly desalinated, which can cause dry hair, dry skin, and dry scalp. The dried out hair become brittle and break, but they do not fall off. The chlorine present in desalinated water can cause the atmosphere to oxidise your hair, damaging its proteins. Even though, water is not the culprit for hair loss. Instead, low vitamin D and vitamin B12 levels, dehydration, humidity, air conditioning, stress, and poor diet are the main reasons for hair loss. With hair loss being a common problem, hair loss specialists are much in demand in Arab Countries.

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