Here’s How Colouring Pictures Can Help Your Child

Here's How Colouring Pictures Can Help Your Child

Have you ever wondered if there was a better way for children to spend time than scribbling and colouring? What you should know is that from unplanned scribbles to filling in lines of an age-appropriate colouring book, a child takes major leap in just 4 to 5 years of their life. And, colouring significantly helps a child do just that, by helping them recognise colour, shapes, line, form, perspective and more. Based on their knowledge of objects, kids are able to decide which colour they’d want to use in their next picture.

In fact, colouring has been found to have a positive effect on an adult’s mental health too, even if they spend just 10 minutes a day on it, according to a study published in The Guardian. Colouring books for adults have been found to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety to a significant extent.

Don’t think of drawing and colouring as just another simple task. Colouring offers a plethora of benefits for children.

Helps in Motor Skills Development

Colouring involves children using their small muscles, like fingers and thumb, which helps improve gross and fine motor skills. Simple acts like holding the crayon and scribbling on the page helps children strengthen their fingers, hands and wrists. This in turn helps the child perform other activities, like lifting objects, manipulating small objects and more. The strength and dexterity kids achieve by colouring helps them use a pencil on a paper, which can help in improving their handwriting.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

When a child is colouring, they track the movements of their hands with their eyes. This helps in improving their hand-eye coordination, and makes it easy for them to perform activities that use the information perceived by the eyes to guide their hands to carry out a movement. In an article by Psychology Today, cognitive researchers linked hand-eye coordination with a child’s abilities to learn, socialise and make friends. Reading, throwing and catching a ball are the common examples of activities that involves hand-eye coordination.

Enhances Focus

Have you ever noticed a child completely involved in colouring? The kid is severely driven by the urge to complete colouring the entire picture to the best of their abilities. They are so involved in the process that they zone out of everything else. This might look unusual at first, but it enhances focus, which will help them later in their academic life.

Relaxes the Brain

When a kid is busy colouring, they are mostly calm. Colouring requires children to be patient till their task is done. During this time, they can also be creative in the way they want to fill in colours into shapes and figures. However, it is the sense of accomplishment they experience after finishing their art that acts as a brain booster for them.

In addition to colouring, the right nutrition is a must for timely motor skills development. So, make sure that apart from age-appropriate colouring books, you also include a fortified milk powder like Enfagrow A+ for their mental and physical development.

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