How to Best Draw Consumers Using A Digital Signage

How to Best Draw Consumers Using A Digital Signage

A lot has been said on how important is the use of digital signage for businesses, but little is clear on how digital advertising can influence consumer behaviour. Let us dive deep into the digital advertising through signage and its effects on consumers.

How digital advertising impacts consumers?

During research, when consumers were asked what they see on a digital signage, most said that they looked for more information about the product, service or experience being advertised.

Moreover, 23 percent of the younger people download a mobile app after viewing its digital advertisement. Also, as expected, the younger generation interacts more with a digital display than the older demographic. Nevertheless, as per research, advertisers could reach more of the older demographic by expanding the appeal of digital signage to them by providing location-specific information.

Almost half of the participants said that weather update on digital displays was the most desirable piece of information for them. Many said that digital signage should also feature transport updates. Many were interested in getting more interactive wayfinding solutions at public locations. The information on local events was also desired for from digital signage.

Digital signage showing location-specific information helps the onlookers to associate with it, which in turn boosts brand loyalty. Again, many respondents stated that they would like to shop directly from a digital signage display, if possible to.

Consumers want digital advertising to be more personal and more relevant to them. One request was greater use of facial recognition software that can activate a list of offers specific to the user. When the customer is identified, the purchase jumps as the service experience improves and it also increases the likelihood of a customer being loyal to the brand.

The digital content that attracted the most number of eyeballs in the 18 to 34 age bracket was special deals. Half of the participants said they would undoubtedly download a retail voucher from a site landed via a digital poster.

Entertaining content is also critical. A quarter of the participants said they would download travel information, and the content that could provide information about eateries, things to do, and attractions in the locality.

For the majority of youths, media services were of high importance with many saying that they would download clips of upcoming TV shows, films, or music to their phones viewed on a digital screen.

Thus, by the research, it is clear that most consumers across the demographics are already engaging with digital advertising. The digital content can be made more target specific to suit the target demographic.

Digital signage UAE is highly developed, as signage is extensively used in UAE. Ultimately, through digital signage, consumers want content that is relevant and informative.

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