All You Need to Know About LED Display Screen

All You Need to Know About LED Display Screen

A decade ago, led display screens and LED video walls were only seen at stadiums, malls and casinos. But today with the expansion of the digital industry, these installations are used in almost every sector, improving businesses.

Critical Considerations Before employing Led Walls

Before making the installation of this size, it is essential to understand the technology and the requirements like location, which is whether to install inside or outside, maintenance charges, image quality, LCD or LED, space available etc. Though LCD is more popular that LED, the later is quickly catching up due to a lesser manufacturing cost.

Pixel Construction 

As the LED market is taking strands, pixel density is increasingly improving. The LEDs used in video walls are amazing because those displays can achieve ‘true black’, which is possible by coating each LED with black resin epoxy.


DV LED video walls are made up of several small LED displays placed on a flat panel. Therefore, while installing an LED video wall, it is essential to address the average viewing distance as the number of pixels may determine the resolution. The closer people are to the display, the finer the pixel pitch required.

LED Video Walls

LED video walls are made up of Direct View LED displays that combine as a single unit to display content. LED screens are efficient as its each component is responsible for emitting its own light. DV LED displays started as monochromes and were used in the outdoor digital display. Things changed with the oncoming of colour LEDs in the late 90s.

Benefits of DV LED Display Screen

As the LED Display market has grown over the years, LED is becoming a great competition to LCD. There are many benefits to installing an LED wall like:

  • High brightness
  • High illumination
  • Ability to be displayed in a well-lit room
  • Great for outdoor LED walls
  • Handles ambient lighting better
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lasting
  • Best refresh rates
  • Lower pixel density
  • Unmatched uniformity
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Can come in any size or shape
  • Ability to achieves true black
  • Wide colour gamut
  • Self-emitting light source

An LED wall is an unbelievably efficient application for high-impact visuals that a video wall requires. With LED, the integration is flexible, the picture is clear, and the hardware is more affordable than an LCD. The technology has improved a lot in the last decade, and if it continues to grow, LEDs stand to be the most used digital signage hardware in the market.

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