8 Things to Know Before Going for Laser Hair Removal

8 Things to Know Before Going for Laser Hair Removal

If you are getting a laser hair removal treatment, it is imperative to read up on the facts to make sure the procedure is correct for you. Following are the 8 things you should know before going for a laser hair removal treatment:

Laser hair removal is a fast process

It only takes twenty good minutes including the chat and makeup removal for a single laser treatment. You can go out after you reapply your makeup.

You may be required to change your beauty products

Beauty products like scrubs, retinol creams, and glycolic acid should be avoided two days before and after the treatment. You may use face mists and extra moisturisers if you feel dry. It is advised that for two weeks before and after laser you avoid chemical peels.

It works on skins of all tones

The requirement for the laser hair removal is that the surface needs to be dark enough to draw the laser.

You can not gym after the laser treatment

The heat emitted from the laser stays on the skin for 24 straight hours. Hence nothing from hot showers and gym to saunas is possible after the procedure. Because in case you opt for any of the above things, you are at risk of creating a warm environment for bacteria that can give you spots.

Think about the sun

You might need to avoid sun exposure and sunbathing as much as possible before and after the laser treatment. In case you have a tan you need to wait for it to fade before going on with your treatment.

The method may look painful but is not that difficult

In laser hair removal, the light of a laser is sent through the pigment in the hair. The light gets converted into heat damaging the hair follicle. It is more like a sharp pain which may be more painful on the thinner skin near nose, chin and temples. Some lasers have a cooling mechanism that can help. Also, it is advised to keep your body temperature low before your appointment.

Patience is required

It usually takes two to three weeks after the first laser hair removal treatment before you see a difference, and it makes eight to twelve appointments for a full result. You have to be regular with your dates as each of your hair follicles are at different stages of growth. Hence, you want to make sure that each one of the follicles has a chance to get destroyed.

Trim or shave the area before laser

Because the laser can react with your hair on the surface, it can cause some irritation and even burnt hair smell, which can be avoided.

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