Banking Operations on Smartwatch – An Innovative Way

Banking Operations on Smartwatch - An Innovative Way

It is said that the necessity is the mother of innovation. However, the cut-throat competition in this fast-paced era has forced the businesses to bring innovations in the respective sectors. However, banking is not an exception to this.

Traditional Way of Banking

Do you remember how your parents use to do banking operations in the good old days? Earlier, all the banking things were done by visiting the branch physically. Whatever the work had to be, right from opening an account to getting passbook/chequebooks, from withdrawing the cash to deposits, and from transferring the money to making FDs, it could only be done in the branch.

Net Banking- First Step of Banking Innovation

Net Banking Initiated the Tech-Innovation in the banking industry. All the traditional operations moved to online platforms, and the websites made it easy for the customers too. In this, you just had to visit the website of the bank and perform the desired tasks. Net banking is still popular and widely used since the last generation who stepped into this tech-savvy world. All you need to do is just get net banking credentials from the bank and get access to your account 24/7.

Mobile Banking- The Innovative Approach Rises

As the net banking was trending, the innovation banks in the world, started exploring the new horizons, and mobile banking was introduced. Apparently, the use of smartphones in the past decade has increased tremendously. Today, almost every one of us has a smartphone, and we do make use of it most of the times in a day.

As the innovative way in net banking, mobile banking was introduced where the users got a provision of accessing their accounts on their fingertips. When it comes to the Gulf countries, National Bank of Kuwait, today, is known as one of the innovation banks in Mobile Banking. You name the desired operations and NBK makes it available for you on the NBK Mobile Banking App. It is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android smartphones. Not just the smartphones, but being an innovation bank, NBK launches the app for smartwatches too!

Yes! You Can Do It on Your Smartwatch

NBK Mobile Banking App lets you download it on up to five different devices. Compatible for both the leading operating systems- Android and Apple, you can use the app and log into your account on your smartwatch. Fingerprint technology allows you to authenticate for the account.

The account balance on the watch can be retrieved in the form of percentage indicator or as actual balance. Also, you can check foreign exchange rates of the Kuwait Dinar with numerous other currencies.

What all you need more? The banking innovation by NBK– smartwatch banking has brought your account exactly to your fingertips.

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